#Ingrid Escamilla Vargas

In Mexico, a country where ten women are murdered every day, the exploitation of a particularly appalling "news item" by the tabloid press has provoked a wave of anger against the authorities' inaction.

A month ago, Ingrid Escamilla Vargas was brutally murdered by her boyfriend, 21 years older than her. After stabbing her, the man skinned her, trying to get rid of her body before being arrested. The images of the crime, which were particularly atrocious, delighted the Mexican tabloids. From the files of the authorities, they found their way onto the covers of Mexico's newspapers. «The fault lies with Cupid» headlined one of them above a particularly explicit photo of the young woman's mutilated body.

«Friends, I once saw a case of a femicide of a girl from the US in which the images of her body were leaked and her family and friends shared photos of beautiful things so that when they looked for her name the unfortunate photos would not appear. So here's a spam.» tweeted one of her friends.

Closest to the lived experience, these photographs reveal the disgust suffered by the population.
These images are not addressed to us, but are present and diffused to make others disappear. The goal is to produce invisibility by addressing the flow and the algorithms.
An image is always a deviation, a dissimilarity, an operation...an image therefore always contains absence.