This building, realized by B E A R T H  &  D E P L A Z E S, offers the particularity of a dichotomy between the functional aspect, allowing the daily opening of a path submerged by snow for half the year, and self-reflective, based in its heart, welcoming the passers-by curious to discover the camera obscura in the silo. We thus find this duality in the kinds of images composing the series.

Emerging from a snowy desert, like a lighthouse of foam, the building is approached like a lunar satellite. Nature is paradoxically but intrinsically part of the architectural project and design. Zoé Aubry focuses her work on the dialogue between the architecture of Werkhof Berninapass and the surrounding landscape, as it is an essential element that the architects have included both in their architectural approach based on Land Art and within the building itself, since they have brought the mountains in the darkroom on the top of the silo.
Since they were based on a primitive principle of photography, the camera obscura, Zoé Aubry chose to keep the negatives, in black and white or in color, of the majority of her photographs rather than their positives.
Swiss Performance 2020 – Archithese

Promotion de la Relève dans les arts visuels Pro Helvetia: nouveaux regards