Emerging from a snowy desert, like a lighthouse of foam, the building realized by B E A R T H  &  D E P L A Z E S, is approached like a lunar satellite.

These images are the visual search for a space of just dialogue between rational forms and the organic element; between architecture and the surrounding landscape. Architecture intrinsically carries the idea of transformation and transforms a place from a condition of nature to a condition of culture. The greater the tension between the two elements, richer the mountain and more interesting the architectural object becomes.

The reflection, a literal and metaphorical opening, defines the gaze, frames the landscape. Due to the concave structure of the glass, its transparency and its reflection, a superimposed effect is created, like a freeze frame during a cinematic cross-fade. The depth of field subtly tilts the reflection of the landscape into the building, itself becoming the surrounding mountain. Paradoxically but intrinsically, nature is then part of the architectural project.
Swiss Performance 2020 – Archithese

Promotion de la Relève dans les arts visuels Pro Helvetia: nouveaux regards