Reproduction. Suture.

Since this is a political, structural and not a private matter, Reproduction. Suture. approaches the problem of feminicide from a societal perspective, dissociating it from individual experiences without ignoring them.

The connection of spaces confronts these systemic murders conceived in the secrecy of the home with their most frequent media illustrations, significant because of their banality. Images whose essential poverty becomes a fundamental testimony to both their state and their origin.

This recomposed movement, these sutured stories, produce a perceptive experience of spatial destructuring, questioning in particular the figure of the habitat as an expression of dominant power.

This piece is made of precarious material, poor and inclusive because of its banality.

A material that gets damaged, even during the process of creation. A material that as no value, according to the images presented, going in the continuity of the non-market position given to this work.

This piece is alive, parts quickly fade away as well as some names in our collective memories.

But a preponderant place is also left to the voids which are extremely dark. They allow us to give an important space to all the victims who are not given a place even in the media. Which our Western society invisibilizes even more.

Indeed, naming is important and legitimate. But white feminists have appropriated the meaning of the notion of femicide, have defined it according to their own reality by reducing it to conjugal murder cis hetero by a partner or ex-partner.

Originally, the notion of femicide was institutionalized in a certain post-colonial context and great social difficulties in South America. Nevertheless, femicides take different forms and objectives : lesbophobic femicides, transfemicides, mass femicides which are racist and sexist genocides, infanticide femicides killing little girls, putophobic femicides targeting female sex workers, femicides committed by fathers and brothers, femicides linked to the practice of genital mutilation, medical negligence...