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Questioning strategies for diverting the society of cyber-control and censorship by orienting discourse, “pr0-t3$t 80y¢077 ¢3n$ur3” raises, within the digital realm, visual gestures and the creation of a language that transcends algorithmic oppression.
Taking over the space of Les Halles [a contemporary art space in Porrentruy], images and texts are activated, positioned and disregard walls, requiring both physical and critical movement. To confront them, we first have to push open the vaulted doors whose windows have been completely opaque, through which we can barely make out certain scenographic elements.
It’s a cry, it’s a song, it’s pain and blood, inventing a language like inventing a world.
A language that algorithms cannot understand. A language of citizens in revolt, exhausted but undaunted. A language that we celebrate and that we want to be alive, because it respects nothing of orthographic orders or conventions. Because the only thing that matters is that it be heard. A mutant language that seeks out the truths beyond the untruths supported by the mainstream media, our world, our continent. A language that seeks to say what cannot be said: shit, love, anger, loss, memory, intimacy. A language that bends, twists and plays with symbols and gestures. A language that, in the end, is easy to understand.